Q1. How many types of subscriptions do you provide?
A1. There are two types of subscriptions. 
-Business Socks:5 pairs/ 90 days
-Design Socks:
(1) 3 pairs/ 90 days
(2) 5 pairs/ 90 days
Q2. May I choose the socks by myself ?
A2. You can choose the socks by yourself according to your dress style.
We hope all of the members who join our subscription can be with expectation and surprise.
Q3. If I want to change the plan during my subscription, may I get the revision ?
A3. Please kindly log in to our website to the member center and leave messages to us. Or, you can call our service team (Tel: 02-7709-7757) on Mon.-Fri. during our service time. 
A friendly reminder: you may change your plan before placing order. Plan cannot be revised once your order is shipped.
Q4. Is there any influence to my accumulated the number of periods, after changing my subscription plan ? 
A4. We will restart the record of issues you accumulated before, but it won't cause any effect on your qualifications to get other discounts or limited edition.
Q5. Is the limited edition print available within a specific time period ? Would you please reveal the style of the limited edition ? 
A5. The limited edition print is available when a certain number of subscriptions is reached, or on a special holiday. Because it is a big surprise, it should be top secret😊 .
Q6. Does the payment methods of the subscription plan only accept credit cards? 
A6 Yes, we only accept credit card service so far.
Q7. Is the time of each period fixed? Will I get the notification before deduction?
A7. We will set up the date according to the first time you apply our subscription plan. For example, if you join our 60 days plan on 15th Jan. and the next order will be generated around 15th Mar. No extra notification.
Q8. Is it all right, if I want to see the current item as a gift and sent to other one?
A8. Please contact our service team and our staff will provide related methods and information.
Q9. Do VIP members have any other discounts ?
A9. Because the subscription plan is the best price, there is no other discount can be used at the same time.
Q10. Can I return items?
A10. Socks belong to personal hygiene products. We don’t accept return or exchange once the goods are unpacked.
Q11. If I would like to cancel the subscription plan, how can I do ? 
A11. The order is automatically generated by the system. If you want to cancel the plan, please log in to our website, then enter the member center to leave messages to us 5 days before the next order been generated. Or, you can call our service team (Tel: 02-7709-7757) on Mon.-Fri. during our service time, and our staff will check and terminate your plan. 
Friendly Notice: If the goods have been delivered already, you might cancel the plan from next time.
Q12.  Would you please provide the receipt? 
A12. We will attach current receipt on each package when you make the order.
Q13. May I revise the shipping time?
A13. The order of subscription plan is automatically generated by the system. When it comes to national holiday, we will ship the goods on week day. The arrival date depends on each logistics company.