X 首購現折$100 | 消費滿$800免運(限台灣) | 滿$2000現折$200


3 guarantees at ease for shipping online

  free for Taiwan local shipping


get free for Taiwan local shipping fee ,when purchasing shoes online

14 Days One Time Product Free Swap Guarantee 


When purchasing Oringo products online within 14 days, if our product fails to meet the customer’s satisfaction, whether it be a defect or inadequate size issue, please contact us immediately, we will perform a one-time product replacement using return-mail package.  


*If the item was bought from one of the stores, please proceed to the store to perform switch of the purchased item.


※Try-on Reminder

On receiving your pair of Oringo shoes, when first trying them on, please do so on a carpet or soft surface; walk up and down naturally to make sure they fit well. Please do not excessively bend them or try them out on hard surfaces which could cause scratching or other damage; if you do so we will not be able to perform a product exchange.

Free One Time Replacement of Top Lift


Customers will receive regular reminders to return for shoe maintenance, at the same time we provide an exclusive one time free service of rubber top lift replacement. 


Oringo’s top lifts (the rubber padding located at the heel section of the shoe) roughly lasts 6 to 8 months, when top lift wears to 1/3 thickness, we provide one time free top lift replacement service.