X 首購現折$100 | 消費滿$800免運(限台灣) | 滿$2000現折$200

Oringo’s collection of socks is truly eclectic. If you want the perfect match with your desired outfit, our variety of plain and patterned designs, provide a full range of possibilities for you to show your true colors. Through Oringo’s good taste and quality with MIT production, you can keep up to date with the latest trends.

《Why do you need an Oringo Socks Subscription Service?》

-Socks need to be replaced every 2-3 months

Do you know that socks also have an expiration date? Germs or molds that cannot be seen hide in the fibers within the fabric; apart from regularly putting them in the wash, in order to maintain health and personal hygiene, it is recommended to perform replacement of socks every 2-3months.

-Best quality from MIT (Made In Taiwan)

Shetou Township in Changhua County, Taiwan maintains the best quality of sock production. This is due to the insistence on the finest fabric coupled with the choice of elaborate pattern designs. A high percentage of cotton combined with Lycra makes the fabric both breathable, skin friendly and flexible, ensuring good endurance through washing and wear and tear.

-Tasteful selections with better discount prices

 If you happen to be the type who has difficulty in making choices and matching outfits, let Oringo help you.  We will refer to your daily requirements, perform a selection of sock designs that suit your needs, at the same time providing a better discounted price. 

-Limited Pattern Design

Oringo Subscription, every now and then releases limited pattern designs. For those of you who wish to collect exclusive designs and colors, they will only be available through our subscription service! 

《How to choose the subscription package that best suits you?》

From your daily living details, dress style and preferences, Oringo gains a deeper understanding of your requirements, in order to select the package combinations that best suit you.

-Business Style

Recommended for business professionals , wishing to portray a more composed and steady personality, a preference for dark or neutral colored clothing, gives trustworthy first time impressions. 


.Matching Preferences

Preference to dress in full set suit or in simple color based combinations, enables high unity in clothing.


.Design Selection

Mainly consisting in low profile dark colored based designs,provides simplicity, elegance, exquisite combinations.

-Casual Style

For those who wish for a more casual look, not wanting to attract too much attention, but at the same time creating an approachable appeal.


.Matching Preferences

For those who preferred casual style shoes, dress mostly in plain T-shirts, polo or Henley shirts, occasionally throw casual shirts in to the mix.


.Design Selection

Earth tone sock design combinations, give off a warm, peaceful, comforting, energetic vibe.

-Trendy Style 

For an outgoing and carefree personality, who likes to experiment with colors and is good at using visual effects to create unique styles. Works in lively work fields, which requires one to emphasize and express individual aesthetic sensibilities.


.Matching Preferences

 For those who like to mix up different pattern designs, for example checked trousers with striped socks;also likes to try different mixtures of style, for instance the combinations between formal suit jacket matched with denim taper pants. 


.Design Selection

Will select designs consisting of bright colors, deigns with color contrasts or with special patterns.

《Customer Recommendation 》


Q1. How many types of subscriptions do you provide ?
A1. There are two types of subscriptions. 
(1) 3 pairs/ 60 days
(2) 5 pairs/ 90 days



Q2. May I choose the socks by myself ?
A2. You can choose the socks by yourself according to your dress style.
We hope all of the members who join our subscription can be with expectation and surprise.



Q3. If I want to change the plan during my subscription, may I get the revision?
A3. Please kindly log in to our website to the member center and leave messages to us. Or, you can call our service team (Tel: 02-7709-7757) on Mon.-Fri. during our service time. 

Q4. Is there any influence to my accumulated the number of periods, after changing my subscription plan? 
A4. We will restart the record of issues you accumulated before, but it won't cause any effect on your qualifications to get other discounts or limited edition.

Q5. Is the limited edition print available within a specific time period?Would you please reveal the style of the limited edition? 
A5. The limited edition print is available when a certain number of subscriptions is reached, or on a special holiday. Because it is a big surprise, it should be top secret😊 .

Q6. Does the payment methods of the subscription plan only accept credit cards? 
A6 Yes, we only accept credit card service so far.