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How to shop for shoes for the first time
Leather Shoes Selection Guide for first timer shopping for ORINGO Shoes


Wearing the right footwear on the right occasion and perfectly matching selected outfits, are important both in work environments or on social occasions. Dressing appropriately for work can increase acceptance and enhance clients’ trust; selecting the right outfit for social events can boost self-confidence, enabling you to fit in or stand out as the limelight of the occasion.
Is this your first purchase of leather shoes? What kind of occasions are you planning to wear this pair of shoes to?  No need to worry, specify your needs, Oringo will help you find the pair of shoes that most suits you.


I am an office worker, I am looking for a pair of shoes that are practical for business purposes

1. Offices can specify workers to wear shoes with a plain surface design and dark based color.

2. I need to be able to show professionalism and charisma in important business meetings.

3. How can I let the value of the product I am selling be elevated by the way I dress?



Office Look Recommendation

I am attending a wedding, so what I wear can enable me to achieve a standout look.

1. I am the groom, and want to find a pair of outstanding shoes to walk on the red carpet!
2.  I am going to be a groomsman. How can I dress up appropriately and at the same time not steal the show from the groom?
3. When attending a wedding of a relative or a friend that I haven’t seen for a long time, how to dress up appropriately and mature looking.





1. 我需要一雙正式跟休閒都能穿的皮鞋

2. 特殊的設計與顏色總是可以吸引我的目光

3. 我想在人群之中第一眼「被看見」
















→大尺碼區:UK 11 – 13

→小尺碼區:UK 2.5 – 5


林果良品 3 大安心承諾










林果良品鞋子的天皮 (鞋底腳跟處的橡膠片) 約可以穿著使用6至8個月,待天皮磨平我們提供首次免費的更換服務乙次。